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Helena Rubinstein Travel Retail Asia Pacific launches The Black Bandage Discovery in Macau

2. The Black Bandage Clinic

Helena Rubinstein Travel Retail Asia Pacific collaborates with DFS Group to kick-off an ultra-premium VIP event in Macau – The Black Bandage Discovery.

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With exclusive invitations sent to approximately 100 VIPs from DFS, the exceptional event reimagined a traveller’s beauty journey through premium, personalized and digitized services. The event ran from 3rd to 5th April at the DFS Prestige Lounge located in T Galleria by DFS, Macau, Shoppes at Four Seasons.

The exclusive Black Bandage Discovery environment offered a range of exceptional and personalised experience for travellers in Macau SAR.

Greeted by personal butlers, guests immersed themselves at the Laclinic Laboratory to
discover the 4 Re-PLASTY signature prescriptions targeted to address 4 different skin concerns. Personalised premium services included a 20-minute DIY scent diffuser class
and indulgent 10-minute signature hand massages, followed by servings of canapés and drinks after the pampering treatment. Guests received a candle engraved with the guests’ name.

7. Create your scented diffuser
Source: Helena Rubinstein

Reimagining the future of beauty with digital service, guests received personal butler
services, in-depth skin consultation with Helena Rubinstein’s renowned skin biometric
analyzer™, developed with 80,000 skin profiles combined with 12 years of research and development. The skin diagnosis provided VIPs with predictive analysis and personalised night-time skincare recommendations.

The exclusive experience was seamlessly brought online to a special event site for VIPs to purchase the iconic Re-PLASTY Age Recovery Night Cream.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with DFS Group to unveil The Black Bandage Discovery in Macau. Our iconic Re-PLASTY Age Recovery Night Cream has been very well-received by Chinese consumers, coupled with today’s exclusive event led by ultra-premium and digitalized services, –the success of this event has seen the recruitment of new premium customers, it marks an important and exciting episode in the history books of Helena Rubinstein Travel Retail Asia Pacific,” says Petrina Kho, General Manager of Helena Rubinstein Travel Retail Asia Pacific.

5. Indulge yourself with The Blacj Bandage canapes
Source: Helena Rubinstein

“We are pleased to partner with Helena Rubinstein Travel Retail on this prestigious
event that was specially created for our VIP customers in Macau. As one of the fastest growing top tier skincare brands in China, we are excited for our customers to explore Helena Rubinstein through the personalised format of The Black Bandage Discovery which is sure to delight and impress even the most discerning of beauty lovers. We look forward to bringing our customers even more unique and exclusive activations to provide them with the ultimate shopping experience,” says Christophe Marque, Executive Vice President Global Marketing and Beauty Merchandising, DFS Group.

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Co-developed with LACLINIC-MONTREUX, Helena Rubinstein laboratories launched a
pioneering bandage-like solution, Re-PLASTY age recovery night cream in 2008. Fondly known as The Black Bandage, the formula is a testament to clinical and scientific expertise that encapsulates the spirit of Helena Rubinstein–putting the effectiveness of science and aesthetic treatment at the service of beauty.