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Inside Diptyque’s Hong Kong flagship store at IFC

Diptyque has reopened its flagship store in Hong Kong’s IFC mall flagship store, following an extensive renovation.

Adorned with elements inspired by the distinctive charm of Hong Kong’s urban landscape, the store’s redesigned interiors incorporate delicate porcelain, intricate tiles, and the iconic Bauhinia flower, paying homage to the city’s emblem.

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The redesigned boutique features the new Les Mondes de Diptyque collection, Diptyque’s first-ever line of refillable candles, in a step toward sustainable luxury.

Source: Diptyque

Adding a touch of artistic flair, the store features captivating murals created by Hong Kong-based French artist Elsa Jean Dedieu, imbuing a unique touch to the revamped space.

Source: Diptyque

Diptyque’s ifc mall flagship store will be the sole destination in Hong Kong to experience the Maison’s new exclusive Decoration line, a carefully curated selection of fine objects that embody the Maison’s delicate simplicity.

Source: Diptyque

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In a celebration of local artistry, Diptyque also presented the works of Ticko Liu, a renowned artist whose talent has been showcased in exhibitions across Hong Kong, Japan, and Germany. The artist was given carte blanche to develop a design concept to grace the store façade, centred around a botanical garden that symbolises six decades of Diptyque history.