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Gogoprint wants to modernize online printing in Southeast Asia

Gogoprint is a new company based in Thailand that wants to bring the benefits of the Internet to the printing industry in Southeast Asia.

Traditional print houses have no doubt suffered at the hands of the growth of the internet and the rise of home printers, but a number of companies are using digital to breathe new life into the business. Nasdaq-listed Vistaprint, Germany’s Unitedprint and London-based are three examples that take orders online and fulfill them using traditional print shops.

The idea is that, once you reach scale, it is possible to find a level of efficiency that was impossible offline. That’s because print companies collect a large volume of orders which allows them to combine different customers request to fill each print sheet to capacity. ‘Batching’ prints together, as the process is called, means that less space is wasted on a print sheet, which would traditionally run some way below capacity. That level of efficiency enables online printing companies to process more orders with fewer print runs — that translates to much lower prices for customers and higher profit margins for the business. It also gives printers guaranteed volume, too.

(Source: Tech Crunch )