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Givex gift cards and loyalty programmes certified with Triquestra

Givex, a global provider of closed-loop card technologies including gift, loyalty and stock keeping unit (SKU) programmes, has completed certification with Triquestra International’s Infinity Retail Management System (Infinity RMS).

Infinity RMS is an internationally proven point of sale and retail management system with the versatility to support many different industry verticals and integrate with business and e-commerce applications.

In addition to gift and loyalty, Givex’s SKU-based programme enables a client to track which products and services its customers are buying in real time. The business can identify buying patterns and its best customers. The Givex system can automatically reward customers with points or discounts for purchasing specific items.

According to Larry Samuels, managing director of Givex Australia, many businesses build a customer loyalty programme around their preferences instead of their customers’ due to lack of information. "Givex’s SKU system provides the data and the tools to avoid such costly mistakes and craft retention programmes that complement your customer base," says Samuels.

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