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From Chanel to Creed, these luxury brand activations welcome the holiday season in Asia

Festive pop-ups have emerged as a significant avenue for luxury brands in Asia to connect with consumers and create immersive experiences during the holiday season. 

These temporary installations provide a unique opportunity for luxury brands to showcase their craftsmanship, exclusivity, and brand identity in a captivating and festive setting. 

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With Asia’s growing appetite for luxury goods and the region’s vibrant cultural celebrations, festive pop-ups serve as a strategic platform for brands to engage with affluent clientele, build brand loyalty, and generate buzz around their offerings. 

Here, a look at five brand activations around Asia in time for the holiday season.

Source: Creed

Creed (Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau)

The House of Creed recently unveiled its collaboration with artist Shawn Kolodny, for an extraordinary global partnership that merges fragrance and three-dimensional art. The Asia-Pacific launch will begin in China, featuring bespoke creatives from China, including a 5×5 touring installation that will travel from Chengdu to Hong Kong and Macau.

Kolodny’s artistic prowess will be showcased through captivating spherical sculptures displayed in the window installations of over 30 Creed boutiques worldwide, including prominent locations in China such as Shanghai Xintiandi and Beijing Sanlitun. Additionally, a remarkable 5×5 meter touring installation will journey from Chengdu to Hong Kong and Macau. For the collaboration with The House of Creed, the focus will be on incorporating the brand’s holiday palette, particularly the colors gold and silver.

The connected spheres are crafted from gold acrylic mirror, providing both a luxurious appearance and durability. The iconic logo is depicted in vibrant amber neon to create a distinct and warm ambiance. 

Source: Chanel/The Peninsula

Chanel (The Peninsula, Hong Kong)

The Peninsula Hong Kong has embarked on an exclusive collaboration with Chanel, paying homage to the rich heritage and timeless elegance of both brands. The partnership coincides with the reopening of Chanel’s flagship boutique, which first graced the hotel’s premises four decades ago, as well as the centenary celebration of the iconic N°5 perfume. 

Source: Christian Dior Couture

Dior (Shanghai)

Prepare to be enchanted by the exquisite Dior Boutique pop-up Zhangyuan in Shanghai, envisioned by Dior as a “refuge of the marvelous,” where couture comes to life. Surrounded by brightly lit Christmas trees, Dior’s flagship boutique in Jing’an district offers a distinctly festive immersion into the brand’s fall/winter collections.

Dior has shown exceptional enthusiasm for brand activations as of late, most recently joining forces with Saks Fifth Avenue in New York to present a new campaign called “Dior’s Carousel of Dreams,” marking the first time Saks has partnered with a luxury fashion house for its annual holiday initiative.

Maison Valentino/Twitter

Valentino (Seoul)

In the vibrant district of Hananm-dong, Seoul, a captivating pop-up space adorned in the striking #ValentinoPinkPP hue awaits, offering an array of gifts for the holiday season.

Covered in Valentino’s bright pink hue, the Kakao Gift Shop presents a carefully curated selection featuring Valentino’s signature pieces in time for the holidays, from Rockstud shoes to the Garavani Loco bag and various accessories.

Source: Ion Orchard

Louis Vuitton (Singapore)

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Louis Vuitton created a historic moment for LVMH as they welcomed the Advent season in Singapore with a remarkable display at the entrance of ION Orchard.

Standing tall at an impressive 21 meters, the Louis Vuitton Christmas tree has become the mall’s holiday centrepiece, accompanied by a life-sized, seven-metre-long toy truck.

Source: Ion Orchard

With 30 tiers and adorned with over 900 individual ornaments, the tree proudly showcases an array of Louis Vuitton’s iconic objets, including 107 Vivienne dolls and 3 flying aeroplanes.