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VF Corporation transitions North Face to DTC model in ANZ

VF Corporation has announced a strategic shift for its brand The North Face (TNF) in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). VF Corporation will transition from a distributor model to a direct-sales model for TNF in these markets, with the transition expected to be completed by the second half of 2024.

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The primary goal of this transition is to unlock the full market potential of TNF by establishing a more direct connection with consumers, particularly in key markets like ANZ.

To achieve this, VF Corporation will leverage its partnerships to expand TNF’s presence in both physical retail and digital channels. This expansion will include the introduction of new store concepts aimed at enhancing consumer engagement.

While implementing this transition, VF Corporation will continue to receive support from its current distribution partner, True Alliance (TA), which will assist in serving customers and consumers through its infrastructure capabilities. The existing TNF team in the region will also remain in place to ensure the smooth operation of the TNF business.

“We are excited to unlock new opportunities to accelerate growth and market share in countries like Australia and New Zealand where consumers are renowned for their passion for the outdoors,” said Winnie Ma, president, APAC, at VF. “This move towards a more consumer centric model will enable us to work closely with our valued partners on fostering brand excellence and elevating consumer experience.”

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The new direct-sales model is also an opportunity for the brand to “invest strategically” and “propel TNF to new heights in the region,” said The North Face vice-president and managing director, Stone Dong. The brand’s loyalty programme XPLR Pass will also debut in Australia and New Zealand.