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Toys “R” Us expands into travel retail at Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport

As a leading destination for top-notch toys, games, and learning supplies catering to kids, toddlers, and increasingly, ‘kidults,’ Toys “R” Us has built a solid reputation over the course of nearly four decades. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Toys “R” Us Asia has built an extensive presence across the region, operating more than 470 stores across various countries, including Brunei, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Toys “R” Us also holds licenses for over 85 stores in the Philippines and Macau. 

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WHP Global, the parent company of Toys “R” Us, revealed in September plans to venture into the travel retail sector, bringing the Toys “R” Us experience to airports and cruise ships with a fresh retail concept. 

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In Asia, Toys “R” Us is slated to open a store at Singapore’s Jewel Changi airport on December 10. Retail in Asia speaks with Adelene Teo, general manager of Toys “R” Us Singapore, on the store’s new opening and the insights on the consumer landscape for toys. 

RiA: How would you describe the consumer market for the toy category in your markets – Singapore, Brunei, Thailand?

Adelene Teo: There has been an upward trend in adult interest in toys. It is evident that toys are no longer only associated with play, particularly among ‘kidults’. Kidults’ interpretation of animations, comics, movies, and gaming, especially among Gen Z, has led to a blending of boundaries between toys, fashion, and lifestyle.

RiA: Tell us about the new Toys ”R” Us Singapore opening in Jewel Changi Airport in December. 

Teo: Our Jewel Changi Airport store proudly presents an unforgettable retailtainment experience with a store with exclusive products products that let travellers bring home the memories of the Lion City and an immersive aviation-themed adventure area, in partnership with Kiztopia, that promises to captivate both children and adults.

The exciting exclusive items mainly consist of collectibles including The High Grade (HG) RX-78-2 Gundam (Beyond Global), Funko Pop Geoffrey and the #11 Subaru Impreza Expressway Patrol!

Toys “R” Us is continually upgrading customers’ shopping experience, making each visit an unforgettable memory with family or friends. This is part of our transformation journey, to breath new life into the traditional toy retail industry, redefining what it means to step foot in a toy store. Our unwavering mission to fuel the imagination and inspire our next generation through the power of toys and play.

RiA: How does Toys R Us keep up with the changing target audience segment with new offerings and collaborations – such as this collaboration with Craig & Karl?

Teo: Toys “R” Us is embarking on a transformative journey. To ride on the rising trend of adult interest in toys, we will provide premier products and inspiring experiences for kidults, while remaining committed to fuelling the imagination of children.

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Central to our transformation is the overhaul of our stores. From the moment customers step inside, they will be greeted by carefully curated displays showcasing a wide array of toys, games, and experiences designed to engage and entertain. Additionally, we are establishing strategic partnerships to offer exclusive products and experiences. By continually being innovative and generating fun, Toys “R” Us aims to go beyond traditional toy retailing and become the go-to destination where families, teenagers, and kidults alike can embark on a magical journey of imagination and play.

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RiA: How does Toys “R” Us stay relevant through offline and online platforms? 

Teo: We have implemented a comprehensive online-to-offline (O2O) strategy to establish a consistent experience across our physical store and online channels. Our objective is to seamlessly integrate these platforms, enabling customers to enjoy a cohesive shopping experience.

As part of our efforts to enhance the shopper experience, we have ensured that our product offerings and promotions are consistent whether customers choose to shop online or in-store and  we have also developed the capability to track and analyze customer behavior, allowing us to provide more personalized experiences for each individual customers and engage with them in innovative ways.