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The Chamber launches in The Starhill in Malaysia

The Chamber has opened its first flagship connoisseur’s store at The Starhill, which features the country’s largest collection of labels, as well as Malaysia’s first Hennessy Hands workshop, which includes the country’s first Mortlach Room and the country’s first mobile bar.

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The Chamber has an uniquely curated and exclusive selection of over 1,000 labels contained in a 4,600 square feet space, designed to be a library of the finest flavors from breweries, distilleries, vineyards, and cigar makers from around the world.

“In my years of travelling around the world, I have had the opportunity to discover the best tastes worldwide. This led to the idea that the finest tastes should not be available to just a select few but accessible to those who seek it. We aim to open 13 stores nationwide within the next couple of years,” said Justin Lim, CEO of The Chamber.

Customers  can have their initials engraved, choose a clip or strip, and have the accessory put over the bottles at Malaysia’s first Hennessy Hands workshop at The Chamber, which is reminiscent of the craft of barrel-making and the wooden hoops enclosing the cognac manufacturers’ barrels.

Three special chambers for VIP members have been designed by the world’s most elite brands, Hennessy, Mortlach, and Louis XIII, at The Chamber’s main store in The Starhill. The rooms, which can accommodate up to six people, are designed to showcase each brand’s commitment to heritage and workmanship. The Mortlach Room is Malaysia’s first.

The Chamber also possesses Malaysia’s first mobile bar, which will be able to cater to privileged members’ private gatherings at their homes or other locations. Hosts can hire the Mobile Chamber for their drinks selection, luxury bar setup, and skilled bartenders.

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Every person who visits The Chamber, whether online or in person, will be automatically enrolled as a privileged member of The Chamber, allowing them to begin their unique connoisseurship journey. Access to the Private Chambers, complimentary Mobile Chamber rental, complimentary whiskey or cigar subscription, and exclusive monthly connoisseurship seminars featuring wine tasting and matching events are just a few of the benefits of membership.