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Supermarket Seijo Ishii initiates expansion plans in Singapore

Seijo Ishii, a Japanese supermarket chain that offers high-quality items from Japan, has set its eyes on Singapore as part of its overseas expansion plans. The supermarket operator, which was founded in 1927 in Tokyo recently celebrated its 95th anniversary this year. The company currently operates about 200 stores in Japan, and will be opening its inaugural overseas pop-up store at the Isetan Scotts Supermarket from 4th to 17th November, 2022. The fair will showcase 42 specially selected items out of over 10,000 from its inventory.

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While most supermarkets are generally known for providing basic necessities, Seijo Ishii is known for its wide variety and precise selection of both local and overseas goods; as well as its ready-to-eat meals.

The company’s distinctive positioning is in its plethora of international offerings and more, specifically, its original house brands.

The company goes through a painstaking selection and training process for the procurement of its managers, who are trained to search for products from all over the world and within Japan, and then deep dive into developing and manufacturing high-quality products themselves.

The strenuous process stretches from research over indigenous materials and manufacturing from the company’s central kitchen, to outsourcing with specifically detailed instructions to manufacturers. While there is room to open new stores in Japan, expanding overseas will be the key to securing sustainable growth both internationally and locally, says Masafumi Hayafuji, Executive Officer, Seijo Ishii Co., Ltd.

Selecting Singapore as the location for the company’s first overseas test market campaign is no mystery.

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Singapore, known for being one of the fastest-growing countries in Asia and its diversity-tolerant people who have a good understanding of various cultures, makes it an ideal country of choice for Seijo Ishii. “In Japan, we have been promoting the “Singapore Fair” since 2016 in collaboration with theSingapore Tourism Board and Singapore’s Ambassador to Japan (H.E. Mr. Peter Tan),” said Hayafuji.

“We believe that Singapore is a friendly and highly compatible country, as we have been learning each other’s culture properly and have succeeded in a win-win business relationship.”