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Shein debuts in Tokyo with first physical store

Global fashion brand Shein, owned by Roadget Business Pte. Ltg, will open a showroom, Shein Tokyo, on Cat Street in Harajuku, from 13 November. The showroom will display items and styling that match the needs of the Japanese market, and will provide shoppers with the opportunity to browse clothing and make purchases online by scanning QR codes.

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The news follows Shein’s announcement last month regarding the launch of Shein Exchange, a platform for resale that will enable customers to participate in circularity and promote the advantages of buying pre-owned clothing over new.

With plans to expand to other global markets next year, Shein Exchange is a resale technology platform developed by Treet, which creates circular fashion experiences for a number of fashion retailers.

Introducing Shein Exchange to the U.S. is part of Shein’s larger commitment to resolving textile waste problems and transforming fashion into a circular economy. As a result of influencing and promoting mindful consumption among its community through the purchase and reselling of items on Shein Exchange, the brand is seeking to extend the life of as many items as possible among its customers.

It was also announced earlier this month that the fast-fashion brand would reduce its supply chain emissions by incorporating Science-Based Targets into its sustainability management system. Shein’s global head of environmental, social, and governance (ESG), Adam Whinston, stated in a statement that the company intends to make resale “as easy and convenient as buying something new”, as well as to initiate a cultural movement centered around circularity among Shein’s own community members.

Shein offers services on its website and official app in more than 150 countries and regions, mainly in the U.S. and Europe.

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Meanwhile, the Shein Pop-Up Japan Tour 2022, the first Japanese first pop-up event for Shein, was held this summer in five cities across the country for two days, exhibiting locally coordinated mannequins for different scenes. Pop-up Osaka was opened for three months, offering a total of nine fitting rooms.