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RIMOWA’s “As Seen By” Exhibition comes to Hong Kong

RIMOWA is holding “As Seen By” exhibition in Soho House, Hong Kong from 25th May t0 29th May, displaying artworks curated by Hong Kong artist Gamzar and OrangeTerry, as well as pieces by a long list of well-known international artists, such as Maxwell Arkin, Sean Brown, Nicole McLaughlin, Fabian Bergmark Näsman, Michal Sycz, Quentin Vuong, Sisan Lee, Junsoo Kim, and Hyunhee Kim.

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RIMOWA’s “As Seen By” series, a traveling exhibition in collaboration with art group, The Community, which began long before the pandemic as a method to promote the work of local artists, took on new meaning following the initial lockdown. With travel on hold, it was a fantastic opportunity to commission pieces made from the raw materials used to craft RIMOWA’s signature suitcases.

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The exhibition displays RIMOWA’s most recognizable material in a new light, some of the more familiar materials including grooved aluminum sheets and spare parts were distributed to a varied group of artists, ranging from modern artists and creative studios to industrial designers. Selected for their craftsmanship capabilities and unique visual expression, each artist created a singularly distinctive sculpture. Despite their differing styles, the artists were brought together by these shared materials, which created a visual language that ran throughout the show.