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Patagonia sues Gap over design infringement

According to Reuters, outdoor clothing retailer Patagonia has filed a lawsuit against Gap for copying the snapped flap pocket that the brand is known for more than three decades. Patagonia describes the Snap-T as easily recognizable and a “well known” trade dress, according to the report.

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In a complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco, Patagonia claimed that Gap intentionally copied its flap pocket and rectangular “P-6” logo without its permission. According to Reuters, Patagonia claimed Gap was trying to trick customers into believing the brand had made the products or that it had permission to use Patagonia’s trademarks.

Gap’s alleged adoption of even more similar designs and logos cannot have happened by accident, according to Patagonia, who warned Gap previously to stop copying its designs. The lawsuit would recoup lost profits and unspecified damages and stop further infringements if Patagonia wins.