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Oatside, the Singapore-founded oat milk brand, expands dairy-free product range

Founded by Singaporean entrepreneur Benedict Lim in 2021, Oatside, one of the few full-stack plant milk startups in the region, has taken the beverage industry in Asia by storm with its oat milk offerings. Its product undergoes a sustainably sourced and process, from the careful selection of oats in Australia to the final product created in Oatside’s own facility in Bandung, Indonesia.

Extending its creations beyond oat milk, the startup has launched a new range of lactose-free ice cream, available at major retailers in Singapore including FairPrice, Cold Storage, Redmart, and Pandamart from November.

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Retail in Asia chats with Oatside’s commercial director, Gabriel Melo, on the company’s expansion and future plans. 

RiA: Tell us about Oatside. 

Gabriel Melo: Oatside, founded by CEO Benedict Lim during the pandemic, aims to bridge the gap in the Asian dairy market by offering a creamy and malty plant-based milk. Despite plant milk being a sustainable choice and with 90 percent of Asians being lactose intolerant, it only holds a 15 percent market share in Asia. 

Oatside, available in 18 countries including China and the Philippines, stands out as one of Asia’s few full-stack plant milk manufacturers. By controlling the entire production process, from sourcing oats in Western Australia to full oats extraction, Oatside delivers a dairy-free product with rich malty and nutty flavours, catering to Asian consumers’ taste preferences.

Source: Oatside
RiA: How are you making Oatside more accessible?

Melo: We’ve expanded Oatside across Asia-Pacific, including Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines, making our products accessible to a diverse consumer base.

Our growth includes introducing Pocket Packs and Oatside Ice Cream, a significant milestone in enhancing accessibility. This dairy-free ice cream has broadened our portfolio, offering a delicious alternative for consumers seeking plant-based treats without compromising on taste or quality.

RiA: In expanding the business, are there specific milestones you hope to reach in the next two to three years? 

Melo: We’re dedicated to promoting sustainable foods in Asia, positioning Oatside as the top choice for those seeking ethical and delicious dairy alternatives. In 2022, our successful Series A funding round allowed us to expand production to meet the growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

This year, we entered new markets like China and the Philippines and introduced Oatside Ice Cream in Singapore. Our diverse product line, including Barista Blend, Chocolate, Oat Latte, and three flavours of Oatside Ice Cream, appeals to those who value sustainability, quality, and great taste. We believe everyone should enjoy delicious drinks and desserts while making positive contributions to the planet.

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RiA: What markets are you most excited about?

Melo: Oatside has gained popularity for its delicious taste. We’ve steadily grown in the region, expanding to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and the Philippines. Recognising that 90 percent of Asians face lactose intolerance, we aim to bring joy to all by making indulgent ice cream accessible. Our latest product, Oatside Ice Cream, debuted in Singapore, and we’re excited to bring this delightful treat to more markets soon.