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Nan Fung Group set to open Hong Kong’s newest mall, Airside, on September 28

Hong Kong real estate developer Nan Fung Group has scheduled the soft opening of Airside, a monumental new 700,000-square-foot shopping mall in Kai Tak, for September 28.

Strategically located in the heart of Kowloon, with direct access to the Kai Tak MTR station, Airside is a 1.9 million-square-foot, 47-storey mixed-use commercial landmark designed to be seamlessly integrated into the area’s comprehensive transportation network.

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The 700,000-square-foot shopping mall offers over 40 F&B outlets, 850 EV-charging parking spaces and pet-friendly facilities. Source: Nan Fung Group

Featuring a 32-storey Grade A office building and a sprawling shopping mall, Airside brings together a diverse range of dining, retail, and lifestyle brands complemented by entertainment, art, and cultural experiences all housed under one roof.

Designed by acclaimed architectural firm Snøhetta, Airside introduces a unique urban lifestyle concept of “wholeness,” nurturing the connection between humans and nature through the convergence of art, eco-consciousness, and a low-carbon lifestyle.

The development holds the distinction of being the first building in Hong Kong to receive seven prestigious green and smart building certifications. With 6,000 square feet of urban farming spaces within the mall and dedicated art and cultural areas spanning over 10,000 square feet including the curated GATE33 Gallery, Airside strives to foster creativity and sustainability.

MCL Airside Cinema. Source: Nan Fung Group

To commemorate the soft opening of the new complex, Nan Fung will launch the campaign “Up in Airside,” capturing the essence of aviation and the transformation of Kai Tak Airport into this new landmark.

Among the shopping mall’s tenants are Japanese lifestyle brand Muji, which occupies occupying over 12,000 square feet; German luxury household appliance brand Miele; and coffee brand Nespresso, which launches its inaugural experiential boutique in Asia.

Source: Nan Fung Group

Airside also entices food enthusiasts with over 40 F&B outlets, offering a diverse array of international flavours. Additions include Nana’s Green Tea from Japan, bringing matcha delights closer to Hong Kong, and Relish Kitchen by ALOT, merging furniture and gastronomy. Airside Café, inspired by transparent glass houses, provides a cozy atmosphere. Other eateries include Chef’s Cuts, Yuk Mi Jeong Dam, Kometaki, Ah Bu Duck, Luna, Paradise Dynasty Signature, and Foodmuse’s 10,000-square-foot food hall.

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Entertainment offerings include the MCL Airside Cinema, encompassing an expansive 33,000 square feet and housing seven cinema houses with a total capacity of up to 900 movie-goers.

Airside has also dedicated over one-third of its space, approximately 18,000 square feet, to serene green areas for the public and tenants, including a rooftop garden, amphitheater, and urban farms. Air Farm, a 6,000-square-foot urban farm on the second floor, will cultivate over 50 seasonal crop varieties, supplying fresh produce to F&B outlets.