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Malaysia’s first mall virtual concierge introduced at Sunway Malls

Malaysia-based Sunway Mall has recently introduced the first-of-its-kind virtual concierge. The retail development, which currently operates 7 malls across Malaysia, has developed a mobile app that uses real-time indoor navigation with Google Maps’ indoor technology. The app also has functions including WiFi signals, Smart Parking, Smart Toilets and the Customer Engagement Hub (CEH). This innovative technology was developed last year and utilises digital tools to serve customers via a renewed Omnichannel Strategy.

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Footfall in the Sunway Malls has recovered to pre-pandemic levels which has created a high demand for better concierge services.

HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks commented on the company’s response to the increase in activity, “as business landscape continues to evolve with cost pressures escalating, the adoption of technology will enable better productivity, efficiency and consistency even with the same amount of resources. The deployment of the Virtual Concierge is a good example.”

Source: Sunway Malls
Source: Sunway Malls

Driven by Sunway Malls’ dedication towards championing customers, the all-in-one interactive self-service kiosk allows shoppers to seek personalised service on demand. Shoppers can seek assistance easily and efficiently with its easy-to-use interface acting as extra touchpoints placed strategically throughout high traffic areas of the mall. This complements the existing physical concierges offering hybrid engagement: serving both “over-the-counter” shoppers and digital interactions simultaneously.

What benefits does the Virtual Concierge offer?

Under the “Chat with us” function, shoppers now have the option to use the self-service option or start a video chat with Sunway Malls’ Customer Care team using their own mobile devices.

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Moreover, the Virtual Concierge also offers additional touch points throughout the malls, providing shoppers an improved shopping experience. With the built-in rule-based chatbot, shoppers can get instantaneous answers to their enquiries. Shoppers can also opt to speak to the Customer Care via a real-time voice and video call by simply scanning the QR code to connect their mobile devices.