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Lululemon reopens boutique in Hong Kong’s IFC mall

Originally established in 2015, Canadian athleisure and sportswear brand Lululemon’s IFC mall store holds significance as its inaugural retail location in Hong Kong, witnessing the brand’s strategic growth over the years.

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The revitalised store reaffirms Lululemon’s commitment to promoting wellbeing, community, and a healthy lifestyle. Spanning an expansive area of over 2,700 square feet, the renovated store aims to become the go-to destination for high-quality athletic gear and versatile everyday pieces.

Lululemon’s newly reopened IFC mall store. Source: Lululemon

Gareth Pope, senior vice president for Lululemon, Asia Pacific, said, “We are excited to announce the expansion of  our first official store in Hong Kong at ifc mall, with an elevated experience for our guests. This investment  shows our belief in the strength of this market and our confidence of further growth across Asia Pacific. We  look forward to connecting with more guests in Hong Kong and inspiring them to pursue their own wellbeing.” 

Various elements within the store reflect the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The storefront logo wordmark, wooden fences behind the men’s pants wall, fitting room shelves, and stools have been crafted using reclaimed logs sourced from fallen trees during typhoons, courtesy of HK Timberbank.

The approach not only gives new purpose to local timber, but also aims to foster a meaningful connection with the city and the local community.

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Source: Lululemon

“Asia Pacific continues to be a strategic growth driver for lululemon, as we continue to expand our store presence across the region,” Pope said to Retail in Asia in an earlier interview. “In the coming five years we plan to almost double our existing store count and enter four new markets, starting with Thailand later this year.”

Lululemon unveiled its first store in Thailand on July 28.