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Lotte Duty Free targets MZ consumers with athleisure and sportswear

Lotte Duty Free has opened two new stores including an exclusive shop from athleisure brand Sporty & Rich at Lotte World Tower in Seoul and sportswear retailer Court & Cart in downtown Busan.

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The Sporty & Rich boutique houses a wide selection of the brand’s popular items, including casual shirts and sweatshirts, plus a sportswear range and accessories. Source: Lotte Duty Free

The retailer said it is addressing increasing demand for sportswear amid the popularity of ‘sportscations’ (a combination of  sports and vacation) among the MZ generation.

The trend emerged in South Korea as the pandemic eased when more people started to enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, tennis and mountain climbing.

Lotte Duty Free saw sharp growth in the sports category in the second quarter of 2022, with sales up +40 percent year-on-year.

Source: Sporty & Rich

Sporty & Rich is a lifestyle brand founded in 2016 by young entrepreneur Emily Oberg, who is also an influencer and former creative director of New York City-based fashion brand Kith. It has since expanded its global reach to other markets including the UK, Thailand, and South Korea.

The brand is popular for its signature workout apparel, sweatshirts, sweatpants and T-shirts, as well as other accessories and fashion items such as eyewear, jewellery, phone cases and athletic gear.

Its featured collections include collaborations with global sports brands such as Adidas and Lacoste, which have sold out in South Korea soon after their release.

The new openings boost Lotte Duty Free’s already extensive line-up of brands, which ranges from leading luxury and designer labels to emergent fashion labels. Source: Lotte Duty Free

The Court & Cart shop features 15 brands including golf clothing brands TaylorMade and Mark & Lona. It also offers tennis apparel brands Saturday Leisure Club, No More Bagels Score, And Then We Dance and LATC, which are popular among young Koreans.

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“In the future, Lotte Duty Free will continue to discover new brands tailored to the tastes of MZ generation customers and strengthen the fashion category,” a Lotte Duty Free official said.

Lotte Duty Free opened a dedicated Seoul Fashion Week pavilion in Ginza, Tokyo in June. It showcased emerging brands such as Ulkin, BLR Bluer and Ajobyajo.