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How Australia’s Bond-Eye Group plans to cement itself as a global player in swimwear

Originating from Bondi, Australia, and headquartered in Sydney, the Bond-Eye Australia Group encompasses four distinct swimwear brands: Bond-Eye, Sea Level Australia, Artesands, and Nip Tuck Swim. With a robust network of retail sales and partnerships, the group’s brands are distributed globally, particularly in Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

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Ahead of the group’s participation at the upcoming eTail Australia Connect event, Retail in Asia speaks with Bond-Eye’s head of e-commerce, Robin Losson, a senior digital leader who has led brands in global expansion and new market penetration with his expertise in e-commerce, digital marketing, and marketplace activities.

Robin Losson, head of e-commerce at Bond-eye Australia. Source: Bond-Eye
RiA: Can you tell us about Bond-eye and some of your priorities for the rest of the year and in 2024?

Losson: Bond-Eye Australia group started 15 years ago with the aim and ambition to bring the Australian beach lifestyle to the world. Capitalising on the success of the iconic Bond-eye brand and the original crinkle swimwear design, the group developed more brands over the years to expand our offering and cater to more customers and needs but always sharing the same values of impeccable quality, fantastic customer service and a commitment to sustainability and community. 

RiA: As group head of e-commerce, what are your objectives for the brand? What are some unique challenges you face in this evolving social and e-commerce landscape and how do you plan to overcome them?

Losson: Each of our four brands, Bond-Eye, Sea Level Australia, Artesands, and Nip Tuck Swim are in different stages of their life, but the common overall objective is to match the growing demand, increase our global capabilities without hurting the quality of our operation and dedicated customer service. We’ve seen tremendous growth over the last few years for all our brands so the main challenge is to turn the brands and activities from fast growing online stores into a successful global multi-brands operation. It’s a very exciting time for Bond-Eye Australia group looking into every part of our operation to find efficiencies, streamline activities so we can deliver the growth the market and our customers are demanding from us and set us up for success in the future.

Source: Bond-Eye
RiA: What strategies are you implementing to reach customers efficiently and effectively? Any new initiatives online that customers can look forward to? 

Losson: Each brand has their own strategies and are going after different customers in multiple markets. For us, it’s all about presenting who we are and our unique products to the market. Our efficiencies and I think where we differentiate ourselves from other brands is that we’re really trying to push what we represent and stand for, our values and unique proposition around fitting and quality. We invest a lot in engineering and design to make sure our products are of the best quality, so the challenge for us is to communicate this to our customers that are only interacting online. We have a lot of initiatives planned for this year and we have great partnerships coming up which will cement the brands as major players in Europe and also consolidating the US and Canada market.

RiA: You are speaking at this year’s eTail Australia Connect event. Can you share what the audience can expect to hear from you and what excites you?

Losson: I’ll be sharing Bond-Eye Group’s point of view on how we can make the best of our digital and marketing activities to attract more customers online. It’s a crowded and competitive place but we’re working hard to get it right every step of the buying journey. I’m looking forward to hearing where other brands are at and share some insights about what’s coming for the industry.