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Hidden Spring Lagoon opens at Avana Retreat

Rare is it to find an untouched secret lagoon that hasn’t yet been taken over by the masses. Avana retreat’s new property, set amid the terraced rice fields and jungled Vietnamese mountainside, creates an intimate experience for guests to enjoy the natural wonders of its new hidden spring lagoon.

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Avana Retreat is a 15-hectare resort in Vietnam’s Mai Chau Province, a 3.5-hour drive from Hanoi. The 36-villa property features a spa and yoga studio built on a stream, and a private waterfall, which inspired the entire development when discovered by the founders a decade ago.

“It was important to us that we not affect the flow from the main waterfall at the heart of our resort,” said Mr. Vu Huy, founder of Avana Retreat. “We discovered this beautiful natural pool at the lower part of the flow and built around it to give our guests the chance to connect with nature without impacting it.”

The new Hidden Spring Lagoon space was recently launched, featuring two sunbeds, a changing room area, and towels available post-dip. A small bar has been set up so guests can order drinks to enjoy along with the scenic views.

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For those who prefer to enjoy the backdrop without getting wet, the property has launched private dining experiences with the choice of 2 unique menus both of multi-course meals.