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Famed Roman pizzeria Alice Pizza makes Asia debut in Hong Kong

Alice Pizza, renowned for its authentic Roman teglia pizza and recognised as one of the Top Pizzerias in Italy 2023 by esteemed rating platform Gambero Rosso, is set to introduce its rectangular, pan-baked delicacies to Hong Kong. 

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Opening in early September on Queen’s Road East in Wan Chai, Alice Pizza stays true to Rome’s culinary heritage of thin, light, and crispy pizza served ‘al taglio’ (by the cut). 

Source: Alice Pizza’s first store in Hong Kong is located at G/F, 92 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai.

The majority of the ingredients used are imported from Italy, emphasising the brand’s commitment to quality for its first franchise venture in Asia.

Brought to Hong Kong by leading brand distributor, Bluebell Group, Alice Pizza specialises in the art of Roman pan (teglia) pizza. The creations are prepared in large rectangular baking tins and swiftly emerge from the oven within 10 minutes, ready to be served ‘al taglio’—cut into individual pieces and sold by weight. 

“Thanks to the collaboration with Bluebell Group, our artisanal preparation handed down to our pizza makers for three decades using quality Italian ingredients has now arrived in Asia,” says Alice Pizza founder Domenico Giovannini. “I am thrilled that Hong Kong customers will be able to enjoy the original Roman pizza – the same freshly cooked and freshly cut sensations and satisfaction that our Italian patrons savour every day.”

“I am very excited to partner with the Alice Italy team to open the first restaurant in Asia, selecting Hong Kong as the first market in this part of the world. I was impressed by their success and fast expansion in Italy. The food scene in Hong Kong is also ultra competitive but we believe Alice’s Roman ‘al taglio’ pizza concept will find a good space in this category with high Italian quality products at fair prices,” says Bluebell Greater China general manager, Samy Redjeb. “I would like to thank Alice team for their level of commitment and spirit of partnership which was a key element for this venture.”

Source: Alice Pizza

Offering nearly two dozen different toppings daily, the menu spans classic flavors, vegetarian and vegan options, as well as over 10 innovative choices that will delight pizza connoisseurs and gourmets seeking the comforting taste of Italian cuisine. All pizzas are cooked in an Italian-made multi-chambered electric oven, identical to the one used in its sister shops worldwide.

Having expanded to nearly 200 pizzerias across Italy and beyond, the beloved international chain was established by Domenico Giovannini in Via delle Grazie, near Vatican City in central Rome. The brand’s creations are crafted using Italian flour, extra-virgin olive oil, and minimal brewer’s yeast — a recipe that has remained unchanged since its beginnings over 30 years ago. 

Source: Alice Pizza


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While staying true to its authenticity, the brand has also adapted to contemporary preferences by refining the Roman-style dough, reducing the yeast by a tenth. This adjustment reflects the modern preference for lighter, crispier, high-quality, and healthier pizza.

With a remarkable track record of selling 7 million kilograms of pizza since its inception in 1989, Alice Pizza has established itself as Italy’s first pizza chain, thanks to its artisanal excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.

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