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Eve Bliss founder Amy Tsien on riding the functional beverage wave

Eve Bliss, a Hong Kong-based female-founded wellness brand launched in 2022, caters primarily to urbanites with products spanning recovery and alcoholic beverages as well as functional wellness supplements. The brand’s mission includes expanding its diverse product range, fostering partnerships with mental health initiatives, and organising empowering community events, in the name of promoting wellbeing.

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A study by the Global Wellness Institute found that despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the healthy eating, nutrition, and weight loss sector showcased resilience, maintaining a positive growth trajectory. From USD912 billion in 2019, the sector, which includes healthy-labelled foods and beverages and nutritional supplements, expanded to USD946 billion in 2020.

Source: Eve Bliss

As more wellness-focused brands emerge in the market, Eve Bliss aims to make wellbeing accessible and culturally relevant. Retail in Asia speaks with its founder Amy Tsien, a retail industry professional turned entrepreneur, on building her business and expanding into Singapore.

RiA: Please share with us a bit of your background and how you arrived at the idea of Eve Bliss. 

Amy Tsien: Since I was very young, I have always placed a high value on physical, mental, and social well-being. So I remember thinking to myself when I grow up, I will do something to bring wellbeing to people. At the time, I called that “bring happiness” to people.

Growing up in busy cities and after moving back from New York to Hong Kong in 2015, I realised how foreign the concept of wellness was here in Asia compared to the West. Any awareness of it is often understood as a luxurious, unnecessary experience. 

My career background has been in marketing, merchandising, and planning in retail businesses across the fashion, beauty, and health food sectors. While seeing the “power” these brands and products have, I did think they could be doing more to bring out a more positive impact. 

I wanted to create a product that made people instantly feel rejuvenated and replenished, whether that be from work stress, an intense workout, or even a bad night’s sleep. In a busy city like Hong Kong, rather than refuelling on another caffeine-loaded quick-fix beverage, there was a need for an alternative that people could reach for at any time of day for an instant “pick-me-up” that uses all-natural ingredients, with benefits for the mind and body.

Inspired by the incredible ingredients we have on our doorstep (Asia), like turmeric and curcumin, that have proven health benefits, after months and months of research and recipe testing, Eve Recovery Soda was born. From there, the brand and portfolio has grown and evolved with my mission to improve people’s lifestyles, from the products we consume to mental health awareness and community support. 

I hope that by making wellbeing solutions more approachable, culturally relevant, and enticing, we can inspire others to join our movement to help change the perspectives of something so essential in our lives not to be seen as distant or unenjoyable. 

RiA: Have you always had a passion for wellness? Why do you think now is the right time to launch a brand such as Eve Bliss? 
Eve Bliss founder Amy Tsien. Source: Eve Bliss

Tsien: I think since Covid-19, there has definitely been more interest in overall well-being. While there is a desire to incorporate more wellness practices into our daily routine, finding how and when to fit them into busy lifestyles can be challenging and even expensive. 

Eve Bliss was born essentially to bridge that gap. I truly believe that wellness shouldn’t be a luxury or a sacrifice. Our products are designed to fit into different parts of everyday routines, from work to workouts and even happy hours.

Now that we have all recovered from the social distancing measures, it is the best time to introduce healthy community experiences and events for people to enjoy spending time with each other over wellness activities. It is the perfect time to restart and get used to new healthy habits and routines. 

RiA: Tell us about conceptualising the different Eve Bliss products. 

Tsien: I think what makes Eve Bliss stand out is that I am not afraid of creating products outside of the box and hosting events at surprising venues. Introducing an alcoholic product or even a hangover solution (Functional Prevention Pack) may be seen as a contradiction to the concept of “wellness”. At Eve Bliss, we make it very clear that we do not encourage binge drinking; in cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, social drinking is almost part of the culture. In order to not make people feel distant from wellness, make it accessible to their existing routines and hangout places – be that the office, a gym, or a bar.

After the successful launch of Eve Recovery Soda, I realised that people loved its unique taste and how it made them feel. We started creating Eve cocktails at events,, which was how Eve Spritz was born. It quickly became one of the most popular drinks, so we decided to can-it so people could enjoy it at home, or on the go. 

With turmeric as one of our key ingredients, for its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, I began developing the Functional Prevention Packs. It is not just a hangover defence but also an amazing tool to minimise skin flare-ups and liver toxins. Made in Japan, the Functional Prevention Pack boasts the finest quality and most curcumin-rich Okinawa turmeric. Curcumin is a timeless and proven ingredient for hangover relief and liver detox. The perfect formulation of this specific type of turmeric further maximizes the bioavailability for optimum impact and liver function support. The magical tablets help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver, which minimises the potency of side effects commonly experienced after even just a glass or two casual cocktails. 

I believe in micro-changes, so it’s crucial to create “stepping stones” for people to have a chance to slowly but surely adjust to a healthier lifestyle. One healthier alternative at a time. 

RiA: Eve Bliss first launched in Hong Kong and now in Singapore. What’s next for you and the brand? Which other markets do you plan to enter in the near future? 
Source: Eve Bliss

Tsien: I was so lucky that when we launched Eve Recovery Soda in the summer of 2022, people embraced it. Not only did gyms and health food stores embrace the product, but corporates saw it as a more sustainable replacement for caffeinated energy drinks and sugary sodas. 

Hong Kong and Singapore are my focus at the moment. I want to take the time to educate, inspire, and closely walk the wellness journey with both communities. 

Currently, I am working on developing more partnerships with value-aligned brands and promoting our subscription models within hotels, corporates, and gyms. Product-wise, I am targeting Q1 2024 to expand our portfolio with a product designed for the modern traveller. 

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RiA: What is your ultimate objective for Eve Bliss? 

Tsien: My ultimate objective for Eve Bliss is that through making well-being solutions more fun, approachable and social, we are able to inspire people to make better choices and to put their well-being first. Eve Bliss is not just here to introduce wellness into people’s daily lives but our ultimate goal is to help people build sustainable, healthy habits that stick.