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DFI Retail Group launches online shopping platform “yuu to me” in Hong Kong

DFI Retail Group announced the launch of the new online  shopping platform yuu to me on 13th May, a major upgrade of Hong Kong’s rewards club, yuu Rewards.  The new e-commerce platform features Hong Kong’s favourite brands and enables 4 million yuu  members to easily shop online, have their order delivered and earn yuu points all in one app,  highlighting DFI Retail Group’s commitment to offering convenience and great value.

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yuu to me builds on the expanding yuuniverse to seamlessly bring some of Hong Kong’s most trusted brands straight to customers’ doors. Using the same yuu app, members can now order fresh produce and  groceries from Wellcome and Market Place, health and beauty products from Mannings, and a selection  of convenience store favourites from 7-Eleven. Over 30,000 items are available at launch, while yuu to  me will also rapidly expand the number of categories and items available. 

In addition, yuu to me is directly connected with the e-commerce platforms of IKEA, KFC, Pizza Hut,  Maxim’s Cakes and Arome Bakery, making popular homeware and ready-to-eat foods available  through the all-inclusive app.

“The launch of yuu to me marks another important milestone in DFI Retail Group’s digital transformation journey, as we continue to enhance our O2O experience  in different areas. Our research shows that ‘Trusted Brands’, ‘Freshness’ and ‘Convenience’ are the top three reasons to shop online. In order to best meet our customers’ needs, we will therefore continue  to expand the yuuniverse with our trusted partners, and provide the freshest possible items with unprecedented convenience, enabling members to shop whenever and however they want,” said Johnny Wong, CEO of DFI Digital. 

As consumers adapt to a new normal and want to be able to order fresh produce, grocery, ready-to-eat  foods and anti-epidemic supplies for quick delivery to their homes, the launch of yuu to me answers to  the need for a faster and simpler shopping experience. Savvy  members can collect daily coupons and exclusive online offers through the yuu to me Coupon Centre  that will be automatically applied at checkout.

yuu to me has worked closely with Wellcome, Market Place and 7-Eleven to transform over 150  physical stores into O2O shops, fully leveraging yuu partners’ local network. Dispatching from these  strategic O2O shops allows yuu to me to bring the freshest possible items to people’s doors, including  fresh produce, dairy, snacks, beverages, frozen foods and more. In select areas, customers will also  enjoy a rapid one-hour delivery option on 7-Eleven, Wellcome and Market Place orders for 15 items or  less.

“We are excited to launch the next evolution of the yuuniverse and the upgrade shows the endless possibilities our platform can deliver for our partners and  members,” said Danni Peirce, CEO of yuu Rewards. 

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Since launching in 2020, yuu has rewarded 130 billion yuu points with over 80 billion points redeemed.  Through the share Points function, DFI Retail Group and yuu members have together donated over 650 million yuu points to the two non-profits Foodlink and Helping Hand, offering much-needed support to local communities.