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Daiso plans U.S. expansion

Japan’s Daiso Industries announced on November 27 it plans to continue its retail rollout of its Daiso stores across the U.S., increasing the number of its stores in the North American market by more than 10-fold in the long-term.

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The 100-yen (0.70 USD) retailer said it will open approximately 30 more outlets in the state of Arizona and elsewhere during the next fiscal year, with plans to bring the total number of its U.S. stores to 1,000.

Daiso currently operates more than 80 U.S. stores in states such as California and Texas, according to a Japan Times report.  The discount retailer aims to attract more American customers by launching new products at frequent intervals and increasing its selection of goods, it added.

“We think high-quality, single-price products will catch on overseas, too,” a Daiso official said. “We will aggressively go into new areas abroad.”

The U.S. expansion announcement comes as Daiso opens its fortieth Southern California store. Bowing on December 3, the Downey Daiso store spans 5,500 square feet and will feature the company’s signature brand products including holiday gifts, decor and entertaining, school supplies, kitchenware, beauty supplies, stationery, gift wrap, greeting cards, electronics accessories, organizing and home goods, novelty items, party favors and Asian snacks.

The new store also serves as the 58th Daiso store in all of California, and the chain’s 88th store in the United States.

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Founded in 1977 in Higashihiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Daiso today operates more than 3,300 stores in Japan and over 5,500 stores worldwide, including the U.S. and Australia, with South Korea boasting more than 1,300 outlets.

In 2001, the Japanese retailer opened its first international store in Taiwan.