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Coachtopia bag brand to reach 10 stores in Japan this spring

Tapestry Japan, which operates the Coach brand in Japan alongside Kate Spade, plans to expand stores for its new, sustainable brand, Coachtopia, which launched in Japan in October and already has six stores.

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It will add four more this Spring. With 60 percent of customers under 35, Coachtopia appeals to Generation Z through strong sustainable credentials.

A Coachtopia pop-up Cat Street, Tokyo, in March 2024. Source: Coachtopia’s Facebook page

It offers bags and clothes made from recycled materials such as leather scraps and recycled resin from factories, and includes a 100 percent recycled nylon bag called Loop, which accounts for around half of bag sales.

Tapestry is also considering opening in third-party online malls. Combined sales of Coach and Kate Spade were up a reported 12 percent in 2023, thanks to both improved footfall and higher unit prices.

(Source: Japan Consuming)