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Casa Loewe Omotesando reopens in Japan

Originally opened in 2004 and redesigned in 2014 by creative director Jonathan Anderson, Casa Loewe Omotesando in Tokyo has reopened its doors in Tokyo, coinciding with the celebration of Loewe’s 50th anniversary in Japan in 2023.

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The establishment of Casa Loewe Omotesando back in 2004 served as the inspiration for the Casa Loewe concept, where each store is envisioned as the dwelling of an art collector, a concept that has now resonated globally.

Source: Loewe

At Casa Loewe Omotesando, the customer experience transcends the realm of fashion with a substantial display of art. The space showcases a carefully curated collection of works by artists including Pablo Picasso and Anthea Hamilton, as well as  Japanese artists such as Tanabe Chikuunsai IV and Tsubaki.

In addition to these remarkable artworks, meticulously selected furniture and exquisite light sculptures adorn the surroundings, elevating the overall ambiance of the space.

Source: Loewe

With its recent expansion, the store now spans a 466 square metres, encompassing three floors and solidifying its position as the largest Loewe store in Japan. Notably, it also houses the inaugural Loewe ReCraft location, where skilled leather artisans offer expert repairs and maintenance services for Loewe leather items.

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As a special treat for Japanese customers, a unique line of Loewe x Suna Fujita products will be available exclusively in Japan, adding a touch of exclusivity to the shopping experience at Casa Loewe Omotesando.