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Cartier’s “Culture of Design” debuts at Lee Garden Three

Starting on October 23 2022, the 380-square-metre Cartier destination will debut to stage both physical and digital exploratory encounters for the six weeks to follow. These displays will be showcased in a 100-square metre multipurpose area dedicated to sharing art and culture.

Visitors are greeted by Cartier curators and the curves of a watchmaking wall showcasing Santos, Tank, Panthère and Ballon Bleu timepieces, video clips and design stories. An open area with engaging installations at every turn ushers visitors into an experience via AR hololens, as well as photo booths for Instagram moments.

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Showcasing in Hong Kong for the first time, a Trinity bracelet from 1962; the LOVE bracelet and Juste un Clou scarf pin from 1989 and1971 that belonged to a Hollywood legendary actress are treasures to admire. A browse along a testimonial wall brings the famous faces who both inspire and treasure the Maison up close and personal, along with their illuminating musings.

Two creative digital games – “Draw your icon” and the “What icon are you?” quiz – provide fun interludes while focusing the mind on how the key attributes of the different collections suit the personality, style and taste of each individual. These quiz answers then inform a personal guided tour of the space’s inner sanctums: whether dipping into the Feminine, Masculine or Unisex universes, the Prestige creations, or the Bridal and Diamond showcases.

Source: Cartier
Source: Cartier

Cartier also offers complimentary engraving service on site for customers that own more than 1 product from the brand. – an engraved message; a different colour for a Tank Must watch strap or the Trinity cord bracelet; a non-animal band, or one fashioned from sustainable material. In a reflection of GenZ sensibilities, the final “Culture of Design” encounter is digital – stories from Cartier’s vast archives and reservoir of collective memories told through 3D holography.

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Cartier’s “Culture of Design” multisensory experience has been unveiled at Lee Garden Three on 20 October 2022, and welcomes the public starting from 23 October to 30 November 2022.