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Bvlgari and CDFG bring the ‘light of Rome’ to the Global Beauty Plaza

Roman luxury house Bvlgari has partnered with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) to launch an elegant flagship boutique in the Global Beauty Plaza (Block C) of the cdf Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex.

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The store offers Bvlgari’s complete range of fragrances and takes travellers on an immersive journey through the Maison’s creations including the Le Gemme and Allegra collections, as well as the complementary Allegra Maxi Shelley silk scarves line.

A warm saffron hue features on the walls and on the bold geometric patterns that decorate the marble floors, accentuating the vibrant tones of the Bvlgari fragrances. Source: Bvlgari

The boutique design is inspired by the ‘Luce di Roma’ or Light of Rome. It features a central console table made of travertine marble, see-through brass panelling in Bvlgari’s signature mesh pattern, a rich saffron hue on the walls and bold flooring inspired by the brand’s DNA.

The flagship store is a showcase for interactive displays and experiences. Notably, it offers an AI-powered Allegra experience and an interactive Le Gemme map, which invites customers to discover the gem roads that inspired the range.

Source: Bvlgari

The Bvlgari Allegra Gen AI Emotional Experience immerses visitors in an interactive world that blends scent, sights and sounds. A mixing console turns customers into DJs as they create their own ideal combination of a Bvlgari Allegra Eau de Parfum and Magnifying Essence.

The experience culminates with personalised generative audio and video artwork that is distinctive for each user.

Shoppers can discover the Allegra and Le Gemme lines through interactive experiences in-store. Source: Bvlgari

In addition, the boutique offers a range of bespoke luxury services including Bvlgari Art of Gifting, personalised fragrance consultations and Shelly styling services.

Soon, shoppers will be able to enjoy a tea ceremony experience centred on Bvlgari’s Eau Parfumée range.

CDFG vice president of Central Merchandising Meili Lee commented: “As the world’s leading travel retailer, we are delighted to welcome in Haitang Bay the worldwide travel retail flagship of Bvlgari Parfums.”

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“We are thrilled to bring this new flagship to Sanya, as it is an exciting way to engage Chinese travellers,” commented Bvlgari Parfums managing director, Asia Pacific, Domestic & Travel Retail, Herve Debacque. “Our partnership with China Duty Free Group demonstrates our commitment to crafting exceptional and memorable experiences, offering innovative products to travellers, while inspiring a new generation of consumers through digital interactions.”

CDFG Deputy general manager, Perfumes & Cosmetics Dorothy Liu added: “The new Bvlgari store will elevate retail excellence, exemplify the Roman Art of Living and offer a full array of experiences for the Chinese travellers in Block C of the cdf Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex.”