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Anta and Huawei Sports Health launch champion running shoes

Huawei Sports Health has partnered with Anta Sports Science Laboratory to introduce the all-new champion running shoes.

The Huawei Sports Health app is devoted to providing a range of health-related services to its users. The smartphone app provides customers with a definitive report in order to inform them of their health. Other features of the app include the offer of health and sports-related equipment to provide users with a productive experience.

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The company is currently focusing on its newest launch, champion running shoes.  Studies are being conducted on the product by Huawei Health in collaboration with Anta Laboratory to test its cushioning performance. Both parties have agreed to a minimum of 26 percent increase in the enactment grade of the new product before release.

Furthermore, the companies will agree and measure a minimum standard for the product’s stability. It is estimated that it will increase by more than 23 percent in comparison to the previous generation. As a result of these digitally supportive improvements, the new product has the potential to make walking, running, and other activities more enjoyable for its wearers.

Source: Anta

Another unique feature of the new product is its compatibility with Huawei’s S-TAG. This feature allows users to get instant insights into their running postures and walking habits. This is tailored towards the needs and demands of athletes to draw in new customers.

The R&D process conducted by the Huawei Sports Health Laboratory includes standard testing, certification and display experience, industrial incubation, and product research. The laboratory also works with the sports health industry on accelerating technologies which will result in the development of more innovative and scientific health products.

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With simple and easy-to-use controls, users will be able to enjoy advanced technology in their hands. This marks the beginning of the companies’ collaboration, and ANTA has announced that it will continue its collaboration with Huawei on sports equipment.