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Adidas to release Yeezy inventory, completing split from Kanye West

Adidas has divulged it will begin unloading its remaining inventory of Adidas Yeezy products, with an initial release set for end of May.

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Adidas terminated its partnership with musician Kanye West and his Yeezy brand in October 2022.

The costly fallout weighed on the sportswear brand’s revenues during the first quarter of 2023, representing a drag of around EUR400 million (USD441 million) mainly across the North America, Greater China and EMEA regions.

The release marks the first time Yeezy products will be available to customers since the end of the partnership. Among the items that will be offered are existing designs as well as designs initiated in 2022 and originally set for launch in 2023.

Prior to coming to the decision, Adidas said it has been “exploring multiple scenarios” for the release of the inventory, seeking feedback from employees, organisations, and consumers on how to “responsibly manage” the existing product.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to begin releasing some of the remaining Adidas Yeezy products. Selling and donating was the preferred option among all organisations and stakeholders we spoke to,” Adidas chief executive officer Bjørn Gulden said.

“We believe this is the best solution as it respects the created designs and produced shoes, it works for our people, resolves an inventory problem, and will have a positive impact in our communities. There is no place in sport or society for hate of any kind and we remain committed to fighting against it.”

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The products will be available exclusively through Adidas’ official channels, with “a significant amount” to be donated to select organisations that combat discrimination and racism, including the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Philonise & Keeta Floyd Institute for Social Change.