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A Journey of Wonder – Swarovski introduces its new store concept

For over a year, Swarovski has been reimagining the brand and retail stores. Commencing with the rollout of 27 Instant Wonder stores around the globe, the transformation has culminated in the opening of the first new stores in key corners of the world in 2021, with more to follow in 2022.

“Our new store concept is an incredible ode to creativity, and the result of Swarovski’s strong new vision, a realm where science and magic meet. Playful, aware, and always boldly chic, our aim is to reflect desires and dreams in the physical space of our stores, and to underline our new age of crystal living,” says Giovanna Engelbert, Creative Director at Swarovski.

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Each store pays homage to the beauty of crystal, reflecting the charm of the city itself. To reflect the brand’s new visual identity, overseen by the Swarovski Swan, guests will be welcomed into a retail space to discover an array of crystal treasures. Encouraging exploration and self-expression, different areas in the stores are colour-blocked in Swarovski’s signature new brand hues. With myriad octagons decorating the walls, the entire concept is a tribute to the crystals. For the final flourish, packages wrapped up with signature gross-grain silks and velvets add to the whole experience.

Source: Swarovski

Though one facet of many in the brand’s relaunch, the covetable new boxes play a key role in bringing Swarovski’s new stores to life. Each store is represented by a combination of five colours – white, pink, green, blue, and yellow – that are, in turn, inspired by the prismatic result of light shining through the crystal.

Swarovski announced the opening of the first yellow New Store Concept in Asia at The Venetian Macao. With its yellow tone, the store invites each visitor to experience a space with the full spectrum of crystal lifestyle pieces – jewellery, watches, figurines, and accessories. In addition, yellow is a colour in traditional Chinese culture, representing power, dignity, and prosperity.