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EXCLUSIVE: Naked Hub opens its first Hong Kong co-working space

naked Hub launches in Hong Kong (3)

naked Hub, Asia’s leading premium co-working space operator headquarter in Shanghai, China, launched on July 18th its first Hub in Hong Kong as part of its rapid expansion in Asia to capitalize on the fast growing co-working market.

The company also announced its merger with Singapore based JustCo, creating the largest premium co-working space operator in Asia with a total of 41 locations and is expected to grow into almost 200 Hubs in Asia in 2020. naked Hub will compete directly with WeWork, the largest US based co-working space operator, to be the market leader.

Founded in 2015, naked Hub currently has a network of 21 hubs location Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Naked Hub Hong Kong Opening news - retail in asia

As part of the expansion, the first naked Hub in Hong Kong is located in the heart of Sheung Wan.

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Bonham Strand Hub spans 16 floors with a capacity of over 800 desks in a variety of working solutions including hot desks, open offices and private offices. The occupancy rate of the first Hub is at almost 100 per cent including a number of key tenants including Flexport Asia, Barron Asia Services Limited, Empower, Cundall Hong Kong Limited, HVS Executive Search and Integral Ad Science. A second hub is scheduled to open in 2017 Q3 also in Sheung Wan, New Street, that can house 400 hubbers.

The Bonham Strand Hub has total lease area of 55,000 sq.ft. and a total gross floor space of 3,500 sq.ft. The proven Co-working spaces have all the amenities that the modern day company needs – living room, bar areas, breakout areas, high-speed wifi, meeting rooms, and a dynamic, professional community team.

The aesthetics of the Hong Kong Hub blends tradition elements of Tea Houses with naked’s award winning contemporary office design solutions. The outcome is to give a ‘Hong Kong’ impression including elements such as Dim Sum baskets, old newspaper prints, neon lights, retro gambling tables, mosaic tiles and classic windows. The space is created to invite a sense of place, interaction, collaboration and well being.

Globally, the co-working industry is booming, growing 71% annually from 2007 to 2015 and is projected to grow 68% annually from 2016 to 2018 globally, according to Statista.

naked Hub plans to open as many as 10 more Hubs in Hong Kong by the end of 2019 to serve up to 10,000 individual Hubbers and hundreds of businesses.

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Grant Horsfield, founder of the naked Group, on opening up in Hong Kong: “Rooted in the hospitality industry, naked Hub prides itself on providing a space that promotes collaboration through the latest community building technology and design.

Hong Kong is our first location outside of Mainland China; we are confident that our deep understanding of the market and close relations with local partners give us an edge to stay ahead in providing the best experience to hubbers and landlords alike.”

Naked Hub Hong Kong Opening news - Retail in Asia

“Today’s end users demand more flexibility, lower cost and better connection with the community. We don’t just provide a place for work, we are also working on integrating more lifestyle concepts into our offering.

As we focus on providing the best in hospitality, community and technology to meet people’s evolving needs, we are well positioned to grow with this trend,” said Deborah Negrash, General Manager of naked Hub, Hong Kong.