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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Everyday Market from Woolworths

Everyday Market from Woolworths, launched in early 2021, allows Australians to buy products from third party sellers such as Big W, Pet Culture and Kitchen Warehouse for delivery straight to their homes. The ‘one-stop-shop’ features big ticket items from brands such as Nutribullet, Breville, Sodastream and Scanpan, as well as an extended range of products in categories such as Garden and Outdoors, Electronics and Toys. 

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As one of the keynote speakers at the eTail Australia Event that will take place on 14th – 16th February, Retail in Asia had the pleasure to catch up with Ian Jankelowitz, Head of Marketing, Everyday Market from Woolworths, together we discussed the sustainable mechanism behind their products, the sustainability scene in Australia, and what could the audience expect from his panel.

RiA: Everyday Market was launched in September 2021 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Was this a strategic move to cater to the rise in ecommerce businesses ? 

Jankelowitz: Everyday Market was launched based on consistent customer feedback around a couple of key dimensions:

  1. Customers wanted a more local, unique & tailored range of products to compliment their grocery purchase
  2. Customers enjoy the online shopping experience from Woolworths and wanted to be able to buy more products across more categories providing a similar experience
  3. A desire for more opportunities to earn Everyday Rewards points on more categories and items

Everyday Market was launched in response to that and to enable customers to conveniently order grocery and everyday items together with their groceries delivered by Woolworths and their Everyday Market items sold and delivered by 3rd party sellers.

RiA: Designed to complement the existing food and grocery range at, how does Everyday Markets’ offering differ from the ?

Jankelowitz: The Woolworths online offering is focused on food and fresh products similar to what you’d find in our stores. Everyday Market items are focused on adjacent categories like Pet, Health & Beauty, Baby & Kids as well as other categories that customers are showing a desire to purchase from Woolworths such as linen and bedding, garden & outdoor and seasonal ranges.

Unlike products, our marketplace offering is managed and sold by a third party, so it is critical for us to ensure we partner with the best sellers and they offer an elevated experience to Woolworths customers. We want to be sure customers can understand the status of their order easily and as conveniently as what they’ve come to expect from their grocery orders.

RiA: Based on the different offerings, how do and Everyday Market’s target audiences differ? And how do the marketing tactics differ accordingly?

Jankelowitz: We’ve found that day to day, Everyday Market’s offering appeals mostly to two key groups of customers:

  1. Premium shoppers; customers who want premium or specialist offers and are really motivated to buy local with a strong interest in categories such as gifting & hampers, beauty and premium foods.
  2. Value shoppers; customers who value saving, are on a budget and seek convenience due to being time poor and appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase from categories such as household, baby, toys & pet in one place.

We actively explore ways to collaborate closely with sellers to identify opportunities to boost their products, range and brands in conjunction with key seasonal events and online shopping moments, such as Black Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day. This in turn provides our customers with discounted prices and value for money, an important factor becoming a priority for almost every shopper. We also leverage many of the value customer touchpoints for our sellers such as appearing in the Woolworths catalogue. This helps them reach a broader audience than they would otherwise reach.

Our Sellers also have the opportunity to be part of Everyday Rewards offers that are communicated through web and app to millions of engaged customers. We see a huge opportunity here to uplift the customer experience through Everyday Rewards by delivering more targeted offers; think boosters, multipliers and bonus points on Everyday Market purchases, and other deals that add value for our customers.

Source: Woolworths

RiA: Being the one-stop online store by partnering with BIG W, Healthylife, PetCulture, Ecoriginals and Joonya, how do you maintain the competitive advantage between the companies’ online and offline stores?

Jankelowitz: Everyday Market was introduced to reach new customers and complement the shopping experience, both in store and online. It’s important to note that it’s not about driving customers to online shop vs. shop in store, the aim is to provide the option of convenience regardless of your shopping preferences. With one of our retailers we’ve found that 80% of the customers that shopped Everyday Market have never shopped their own online offering, demonstrating how we play a great omnichannel role vs. competing with the in-store environment.

RiA: Where do you see Everyday Market in five years?

Jankelowitz: We hope Everyday Market becomes synonymous with the Woolworths brand and acknowledged as a great way to earn Everyday Rewards points in new and growing categories.

We will continue to look at ways to supercharge convenience through delivery, meaning faster arrival times for customers and more flexibility on how they can receive their Everyday Market items.

As Everyday Market expands, we expect to see 10 to 20 times the range we already have on site. But still with the same mission to complement our customers’ grocery shop.

Whilst the initial intention of Everyday Market was to offer more choice to our customers shopping everyday needs by bringing more depth to categories that are truly important for them, we have a real opportunity to further understand specific needs for different customer segments and to tailor- make our proposition to truly serve them. We’re really looking forward to exploring this further in years to come.

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RiA: What do you expect to get out of eTail Australia 2023? And can you give us a sneak peek on what you will be sharing with the audience on the panel?

Jankelowitz: I think eTail Australia 2023 will be a great chance to network with retail leaders and learn from the experiences of other industry professionals. It goes without saying that it’s exciting to be spending time with people in person again. In terms of a sneak peek, I’m really looking forward to sharing how we’ve focused on the customer to build and grow the business and balance learning from a global network while executing locally.