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China’s Chengdu Panda Café opens in Naples, Italy

China's Chengdu Panda Café opens in Naples, Italy

On July 13, China’s Chengdu Panda Café, a café featuring panda elements, officially debuts in Naples, Italy. The café has quickly conquered the palate of local citizens and many people crowded in it to taste the unique “Chengdu Flavor” coffee.

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It is widely known that Italians have always been picky about coffee. Then why do they love the Panda Café so much?

The endless stream of guests uncovers the secret of the café. Not only does this Panda Café present Chengdu-themed performances to guests, but also carefully prepares a lot of interactive events: panda painting, calligraphy experiencing, Chengdu-themed postcards writing and so on.

The “baby pandas” in the café warmly invite all Italians to drink coffee: today, we invite you to drink Panda coffee in Naples; and in 2021, you are welcome to Chengdu to drink Panda covered-bowl tea!

The panda-themed activity is actually an invitation sent from Chengdu, China, the host city of the 31st Summer Universiade, to friends around the world.

Over the past day, the Panda-themed Flash Mob “flashed” at many famous landmark scenic spots across Naples, and the “Panda Swing Dance” performed by the pandas was really impressive.

The grand cultural carnival set up a friendship bridge between two cities. Countless invitation letters conveying the hospitality of the people from Chengdu travelled far away across the sea and finally arrived at the hands of the citizens of Naples.

Among all these, the 2,021 cups of limited-edition panda coffee are special invitations from Chengdu, China, which is able to offer the “flavor of Chengdu” to the people in Italy.

It is learnt that in 2021, Chengdu, China will take the baton from Naples to hold the 31st Summer Universiade. This time Chengdu has taken the flag of Universiade over from Naples, which officially announces that Universiade has stepped into “Chengdu Time”.

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This means that Chengdu by succeeding Naples will become the 4th city of China to hold Universiade. This is also the first world comprehensive sports to be hosted by Chengdu after putting forward the goal of building itself a world-famous city for hosting games.

(Source: Business Wire)