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China has big plans for Fitness


Athleisure is just one of the the products of the ‘healthy lifestyle’ that recently has been engaging more and more people around the world.

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The rise of athleisure is the materialization of a bigger phenomenon which has been spreading out across sectors. From healthy food to sports accessories, emerging brands have been mushrooming around challenging the status quo of established brands.

As immediate response,  brands which have been around for quite a while have started exploring opportunities to embed the values of well-being in their products.

This movement could not reach out such a big exposure without the engagement of virtual communities and KOLs and influencers have definitely helped to boost it.

PARKLU, an influencer marketing platform specialising in Chinese market,  highlights that Fitness has been a rising focus for the KOL community in China thanks, in part, to a nationwide push for healthier lifestyles.

The country is in the midst of a five-year fitness plan outlined by the government that would, if successful, see the nation spending 1.5 trillion yuan ($225 billion) on sports and fitness by 2020, with about half a million people participating in fitness by that same year.

This bid, combined with a search for solutions to environmental and food safety concerns, has resulted in an explosion of gyms, juice bars, healthy eateries, and, of course, fitness KOLs, especially in China’s first and second-tier cities.

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But what makes this trend expanding so fast? How KOLs and influencers engaging with sports community remain relevant?

It is because, endorsing a healthy lifestyle necessitates a full engagement  with the activities and the community.

PARKLU has interviewed KOLs engaged in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle in China.

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