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Chacha Food makes debut at the Centre Pompidou

ChaCha Food

On October 1, 2019, Chacha Food, China’s leading brand for roasted seeds and nuts, made its debut at the Centre Pompidou during the Grand Finale of this season’s Paris Fashion Week.

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The event was part of the China France Brand Summit Forum co-sponsored by Alibaba Group and Bonjour Brand in conjunction with the extensive brand campaign launched worldwide by Tmall Guochao.

What surprises did Chacha Food, one of the 20 industry-leading brands invited by Tmall, deliver to consumers with its new high-end product lineup created jointly with LV designers?

At the invitation of the Hôtel de Ville de Paris, the grand launch ceremony for the Bonjour Tmall Event was held at the Centre Pompidou on October 1, where new branded products resulting from the Sino-French partnership made their debut, showcasing to the world designs jointly conceived by leading Chinese and French firms.

Chacha, one of the brands invited to the event, impressed many guests with its new lineup of innovative, inclusive, and youth-oriented crossover products. The food maker launched three premium gift packages specially designed by LV’s Vincent Du Sartel, and unveiled its DXXD shoes, a new crossover footwear line that is the creation of Eric Bongiovanni, a designer at LV and Chanel.

During its debut in Paris, Chacha successfully demonstrated a more fashionable, younger international brand image. As a leader in the food industry, Chacha engaged in its first crossover collaboration with luxury designers.

Of note is the collective effort with Vincent Du Sartel, the mastermind behind a brilliant era that has spanned nearly 20 years for the Louis Vuitton brand, from 1986 to 2003. He is the father of premium leather design.

Inspired by Notre-Dame’s famed rose window, the spirit behind the decorative art at Versailles and the unique qualities of French cuisine, the designer created three premium gift packages for Chacha, delivering a strong visual impact that is a unique blend of history and modern times while embodying the dichotomy between Eastern and Western cultures.

Former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who was just awarded the Chinese Order of Friendship, delivered the design certificates to Chacha together with Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire and Executive President of Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (the organizer of Paris Fashion Week) Pascal Morand at the China France Brand Summit Forum held at the Opéra on October 2.

In the experimental fashion program, DXXD, Eric Bongiovanni, the shoe designer for LV, Channel and TOD’S, joined hands with Chinese fashion lifestyle sneaker maker Feiyue, to create for many industry-leading footwear leaders in China co-branded shoes which feature the monogram style in line with the lifestyles of today’s youth and young adult demographic, effectively fusing the boundaries between brands and between nations and enabling the coming together of Eastern and Western cultures.

As one of the brands invited to the event, Chacha not only exhibited its new products and brand image at the Centre Pompidou, but also opened a pop-up store together with several other brands at the CENTRE ARTASIA PARIS.

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The store will remain open for three months. With its international debut, Chacha demonstrated the successful promotion of a Chinese national brand, as well as establishing a venue for sounding its voice.

(Source: PR Asia)