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Cartier’s immersive installation debut in Malaysia

In September, Cartier unveiled its new installation ‘Into The Wild’, inspired by the brand’s beloved emblem – the Panthère. Jeanne Toussaint, whom Louis Cartier affectionately nicknamed “La Panthère”, created the first three-dimensional version of the feline in 1935, which established the signature style of Cartier jewellery. Throughout generations, the logo of Cartier has become an iconic symbol. As a tribute to the brand’s respected relationship with Malaysia, the Cartier Panthere was sent from Paris to be displayed in the country’s capital, Kuala Lumpur.

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The first public exhibition of the Cartier Panthère collection in Kuala Lumpur was marked with a celebration and illumination show. Malaysia’s most iconic landmark, the Petronas Towers, were fully illuminated in red at sundown preceding a 10-minute light and drone show of over 300 drones.  300 guests were said to have attended the celebration.

Source: Cartier
Source: Cartier

The collection’s exhibition will take place inside Sentul Depot between September 4th and 18th 2022 featuring La Panthère bracelets, timepieces, bags, perfumes, and home decor items.

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This installation is particularly special as it celebrates both the brand’s world-famous panther logo and its history. Details of Cartier’s history and the jewellery-making process are presented in eight rooms for visitors to engage and learn from. Included in the exhibition is a room dedicated to Cartier’s first female creative director, Jeanne Toussaint, who is credited for designing the iconic panther symbol.