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Burger chain Five Guys to enter South Korea

Five Guys will open its first Seoul branch early next year at Hanwha Galleria. To mark the new development, Kim Dong-sun, Head of Strategic Management at Hanwha Galleria, posted a photo on Instagram of himself shaking hands with William Peecher, Director of International Expansion at Five Guys Enterprise, along with the hashtag “(Five Guys) finally landed in Korea”.

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Kim has played an integral and proactive role in the Five Guys Enterprise business process since he was appointed head of the strategic management division last February.

“Since Five Guys considers delivering the authentic taste of their burgers as the top priority, Kim has made efforts to visit the US several times to pitch our business plan and successfully closed the deal” according to Hanwha.

Without disclosing details of the contract, the company said it planned to open 15 stores over the next five years.

With over 1,700 restaurants in 23 countries, Five Guys is a fast food chain based in Virginia. South Korea will be the chain’s fifth country in Asia. A survey conducted by Market Force Information says that the quick-service burger chain will rank at the top of its list for the best burgers in the US in 2020 and 2021.

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However, Five Guys will face competition from other burger franchises in South Korea. Food giant SPC Group introduced Shake Shack Burger, another popular US burger chain, to Korea in 2016. The chicken franchise BHC also plans to open Super Duper Burgers in Gangnam, Seoul, this year.