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Automotive retail management systems: the next generation

The Reynolds and Reynolds Company – a private company in the US state of Ohio – has announced the launch of its automotive retail management system ERA-IGNITE, designed to complement the company’s ERA software, which according to Reynolds, is the most widely used system in the industry. Featuring an advanced graphical user interface and architecture, ERA-IGNITE is geared to helping dealerships improve productivity and profitability.

"ERA-IGNITE is designed to take advantage of ERA’s central database of all the business activity in the dealership," explains Jon Strawsburg, Vice President of Product Planning at Reynolds. "It drives efficiency in dealership operations. It drives more money to the dealer’s bottom line. And most importantly, it extends beyond the traditional core document management system functions of payroll, parts and accounting – into a full-fledged retail management system to provide our customers with greater access to the information in the ERA database and offer them greater functionality and flexibility in how they use the system to manage and grow their business."

The system operates with a familiar Windows point-and-click environment, including drill-down fields and hyperlinks. It includes applications that use a graphical user interface to reduce the number of keystrokes and screens it takes to perform core business transactions. Business information is also easily accessible.

"One of the real advantages of ERA-IGNITE is that we’ve retained the underlying architecture and logic of ERA so that if you’re used to doing tasks in a certain sequence, that application logic still holds. We’ll just get you there faster, with fewer key strokes and screens," Strawsburg says. "Dealers can adopt ERA-IGNITE application by application at their own pace, without disrupting their business or buying a completely new system."