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Atelier Swarovski partners with Karl Lagerfeld and Penélope Cruz for new collections

Atelier Swarovski

For the upcoming season, Atelier Swarovski – Swarovski’s Luxury Goods Business – celebrates its iconic bonds with the worlds of fashion and cinema.

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The ‘Icons of Style’ collection showcases an avant-garde collaboration with fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, featuring modern designs infused with Parisian rebellion. The ‘Icons of Film’ collection captures the creative energy of the Oscar-winning actress Penélope Cruz, who has partnered with Atelier Swarovski for a third time to launch elegant, feminine pieces inspired by the glamour of vintage Hollywood.

Atelier Swarovski X Karl Lagerfeld

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Source: Atelier Swarovski

This special-edition collection reflects the classic, elegant and rock-chic codes of the Maison Karl Lagerfeld with silhouettes inspired by some of Lagerfeld’s most iconic designs for Swarovski and his longstanding collaboration with the brand throughout his career.

Contemporary chunky cocktail rings and embellished signature ‘K’ cuffs take center stage for the upcoming season, inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s love for layering, stacking and wearing statement jewelry.

The 15-piece unisex collection also reflects a chic twist on punk rock, and celebrates gender fluidity with neutral tones of blue crystal set on a gunmetal grey base. The collaboration plays with Art Deco elements and geometric shapes, creating a sleek modern look.

Atelier Swarovski X Penélope Cruz

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Source: Atelier Swarovski

Following her ‘Botanical Jewels’ and ‘MoonSun’ collections for Atelier Swarovski, both of which reflected her obsessions with different facets of the natural world, Penélope Cruz has turned to her passion for cinema for ‘Icons of Film’, and has selected her favorite on-screen moments in which jewelry takes center stage.

Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s featuring Audrey Hepburn and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe, Cruz has created a series of pieces which embraces iconic and glamorous Hollywood film moments, designed to make wearers feel as though the sidewalk is their red carpet.

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The collection ranges across 15 dazzling pieces carrying sparkling cubic zirconia set on gold-plated brass and rose gold-plated rhodium. The feminine pieces are interchangeable for a smooth transition from daytime elegance into evening glamour.