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Sennet Frères launches 2021 Spring/Summer collection


After two years of historical research and preparatory works, the brand-new Sennet Frères had eventually launched the 2021 Spring/Summer wedding and evening gown collection with the design theme of “Aimer” as its first season.

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Aimer is French, meaning “to love” – during the Renaissance, people praised love, advocated free love, emphasized personal romanticism, and advocated the pursuit of happiness in real life, with the central idea of daring to love and express.

Being inspired by the unique personalities and stirring deeds of the three women of the Weill family – Rosie, Susannah, and Sophie, Chief Creative and Design Director Kev used these as the blueprint and gave the designs with their respective names.

Source: Sennet Frères

The new 2021 Spring/Summer collection has 45 newly designed wedding and evening gowns, with hand-pressed silk flowers, three-dimensional embroidered floral ornaments, fabric mix and match applications to create a romantic atmosphere which is unique and elegant like the Renaissance. Among them, the reverse lotus leaf tailoring is one of the highlights of this season.

Every gown is made in Hong Kong from inception, detailed design to production, and it takes an average of more than 120-hour handcraft. Each piece is delicate and made meticulously as a “wearable art”.

In the high-bespoke collection of Rosie, Kev showcased his exquisite skills combining with traditional inlay and bead embroidery techniques. And through taking precise and accurate measurements, he had sublimated each gown into a unique artpiece. Extraordinarily precious.

Source: Sennet Frères

For Susannah, the relatively subtle, low-key and steady designs are deliberately adopted to highlight Susannah’s composure and gentleness found in historical archives. Thus, designs emphasize and embody the wisdom and intellectual beauty of contemporary women.

Source: Sennet Frères

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The inspiration from the Sophie collection came from Sophie’s optimistic and enthusiastic personalities. Reference to her dressing style in 1920s-1950s with innovative tailoring, Kev had brought up the confident charm and charisma of female by compiling classical and contemporary elements.

Source: Sennet Frères