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PALACE and MOSCHINO collaborate for a capsule collection

Palace Moschino

Seminal skate brand PALACE collides with Italian luxury house MOSCHINO for the capsule collection PALACE MOSCHINO.

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PALACE MOSCHINO seamlessly blends MOSCHINO’s fashion iconoclasm with PALACE’s iconic streetwear aesthetic to create a limited collection of ready-to-wear, accessories and skate hardware.

Collection highlights reflect both brands unique sense of humour and feature luxe printed puffers and shearling jackets, witty knits and shirting mixed with casual hoodies, T-shirts and monogrammed denim, and accessories including caps, skateboards and a leather milk carton bag.


“Moschino is one of our favourite brands of all time: chic, sexy, innovative and properly funny. Working with them has been a full-blown dream scenario for us and we are still buzzing on it.” – Palace.

“I was happy to collaborate with my long-time pals at Palace to create this collection full of peace, love and hugs.” – Jeremy Scott.

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The collection is brought to life with a campaign by Palace and David Sims.

Available at MOSCHINO Ocean Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong starting from Nov 21st at 10:30 am HKT.

Bluebell Group is partner of choice for Moschino in Hong Kong.

* Bluebell Group is the owner of Retail in Asia