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NMES Group launches diPulse at Techstyle X in Hong Kong


NMES Group launches diPulse, the world’s first fully integrated smart wearable products, developed with the support of Far Eastern New Century and The Mills Fabrica.

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By reengineering the technology that sends electrical impulses to nerves and integrating it to state-of-the-art textile science, NMES Group has developed the diPulse smart wearables range, a selection of products including sportswear and accessories that help improve health and wellbeing by the stimulation of muscles and blood flow.

Source: diPulse

Combined with programs developed by world leading physical therapists and coaches, exclusively available on diPulse’s proprietary app, diPulse smart wearables offer an unequaled performance and quality.

Without additional gym equipment, anyone can train anytime with diPulse products to enjoy workout at home, in the office, at the gym or even while travelling.

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The diPulse smart wearables range is now available at Techstyle X pop-up store at The Mills until 30th January, and online via the diPulse website.

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