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Natnat All Natural Pink Coconut Water launches in Hong Kong


Hong Kongers need look no further for the ultimate thirst quencher for the summer heat with the launch of Natnat Pink Coconut Water.

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This delicious, 100% natural, refreshing and nutrient packed coconut water is made with no intervention and the closest thing to a freshly cracked young coconut you can get off the shelf.

A Hong Kong brand founded by a team of pioneering coconut specialists, Natnat is sourced from the highest quality, hand-picked coconuts containing high levels of antioxidants, enzymes, polyphenols and potassium. It is 100% natural, with no added sugar, water or preservatives.

Source: Natnat

The pink colour is the result of a natural chemical reaction that happens when coconut water containing high levels of enzymes and polyphenol compounds are exposed to light and air, turning the coconut water pink – a kiss from nature as proof of the existing antioxidants.

Packaging pink coconut water requires as little intervention and treating as possible for the living enzymes to remain. The result is a coconut water jam packed with nutrients that retains the refreshing and nutty flavour of a fresh young coconut.

A recent study revealed that over 70% of Hong Kongers are making health and wellbeing a top priority with a commitment to health and wellness the top consumer trend of 2019. This mirrors a growing global trend which is seeing consumers the world over prioritising health and sustainability in a variety of choices including diet, sports, wellness and leisure, work, travel and even clothing. This trend is in turn driving huge growth in the dynamic coconut water market.

Source: Natnat

It was from this paradigm shift towards health, sustainability and quality that Natnat was born. With a simple mission to make the best tasting, healthy and all-natural coconut water, Natnat is the perfect answer for health-conscious consumers. With environmentally friendly packaging that uses a biodegradable sugarcane alternative to plastic, Natnat always looks for ways to minimise its footprint. The brand also aims to reinject some fun into the category by delivering a fresh new take on the beloved and humble coconut with its focus on delivering unique and luxurious experiences and products to keep you tickled pink.

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Now available on HKTVMall, Uber Eats, Deliveroo,, as well as at select coffee shops, restaurants and F&B outlets across the city. Each 330ml tetra pack contains natural coconut water packed with antioxidants and a variety of nutrients like Vitamin C, Magnesium and Potassium.