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Klasse14 presents K14 collection

Refusing to be just one of the many alike watches, Klasse14 decided to go for an exceptional, fashion forward design for its latest collection, K14 – in shape of a square but not quite. The design inspiration comes from the outermost lines of a cube, but adding a playful touch to twist the conventional square into an irregular one.

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Breaking away from norms and traditions is a self-manifestation, the underlying spirit of the collection. The collection has 4 new colors in addition to the original neon styles, including rainbow, vintage gold, silver and blue. The vivid plastic case blends artistically with the subtle mesh strap, exhibiting the brand’s art of harmonizing contradictory elements. Being naturally extroverted and unapologetic, this design pairs well with the late Millennials and Generation Z, who are continuously in search of exclusive details.

Source: Klasse14

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The collection is called K14, a precise and cool abbreviation of Klasse14. The bold and groundbreaking design captures the brand’s philosophy, Ordinarily Unique, that everyone is ordinary in everyday routines, yet unique in one’s own characters.