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Klasse14 launches new collections

Disco Volante Stardust (7)
Source: Klasse14

Refusing to be just one of the many alike watches, Klasse14 decided to go for an exceptional, fashion forward design for its latest collection, K14 – in shape of a square but not quite.

The design inspiration comes from the outermost lines of a cube, but adding a playful touch to twist the conventional square into an irregular one.

Breaking away from norms and traditions is a self-manifestation, the underlying spirit of the collection.

The novelties come with a semi see-through case, available in 9 colors including the trendy neon tones, opening possibilities for the wearer to pick the bespoke color of the day according to moods, occasions and outfits. The vivid plastic case blends artistically with the subtle silicon or mesh strap, exhibiting the brand’s art of harmonizing contradictory elements.

The collection is called K14, a precise and cool abbreviation of Klasse14. The bold and groundbreaking design captures the brand’s philosophy, Ordinarily Unique, that everyone is ordinary in everyday routines, yet unique in one’s own characters.

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Before K14, Klasse14 also released a new edition of Disco Volante, the Stardust collection in February.

Ever since the beginning of time, humans have always been fascinated by the sky and its limitless possibilities, which are full of enigmas and intriguing objects. The mysterious flying objects, known as UFO, are admired and studied the most because of the streamlined aesthetics of their shape and lustrous lights.

As a key source of inspiration of the Disco Volante collection, meaning flying saucer in Italian, the design consists of an elegant stainless steel polished case with domed dial, and lens supported by brushed lugs that fuse together with the case back, creating a shape reminiscent of an UFO.

Source: Klasse14

The Stardust collection is a story of a super-human who could communicate with the sky and the world beyond us. She had always worn her father’s watch to not lose track of her true self. One day, a mysterious spark occurred, and her father’s watch began shifting and transformed into a mesmerizing iridescent gadget. Unlike any ordinary timepiece of her time, it had evolved into a unique multicolored retro-futuristic piece of art, a gift from the sky.

There are 4 different color dials, case plating and an iridescent domed glass. The design comes with a super slim automatic movement that fuses the classic 60s design with a hyper-futuristic tinge.

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The Disco Volante Stardust is a watch that captures the past, while embodying the future.