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Condé Nast Taiwan collaborates on a gender-neutral school uniform collection


Condé Nast Taiwan has joined forces with Taiwanese fashion designer Angus Chiang and media agency Ogilvy Taiwan to create a gender-neutral school uniform collection.

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The 11-piece collection was revealed at Taipei Fashion Week earlier this month.

A standout piece from the collection is the ‘Shirtskirt’ – a shirt and skirt blended into one garment. This is now for sale exclusively on Vogue Taiwan’s website. Revenue from sales will go towards covering manufacturing costs, and any extra will be donated to the Garden of Hope Foundation.

The gender-neutral collection, under the slogan “We are all the same because we are all different,” celebrates equality and advocates the importance of respecting all choices.

A core facet of Taiwanese society is its burgeoning progressiveness. In September 2019, male students at New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School were given the freedom and permission to wear skirts to school in a bid to promote gender equality. This powerful message became the inspiration behind this project.

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The partnership was a perfect fit for Condé Nast Taiwan as its brands, Vogue and GQ, stand for creativity, inclusivity, respect and positive change, while constantly redefining timelessness and value within fashion.