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Aruba Networks introduces the 1st BYOD solution to securely provision and onboard iOS, Android, Mac OS X and Windows 7 mobile devices

Aruba Networks, Inc. recently introduced Aruba ClearPass, an access management system designed to simplify and automate the secure provisioning of mobile devices on any enterprise network. The Aruba ClearPass solution is designed to enable IT organisations to both drive down mobility services management costs and rapidly scale to address the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon.

"BYOD can be a double-edged sword for enterprise IT departments today," said Zeus Kerravala, principal of ZK Research. "On one hand, there are great productivity gains to be had by enabling workers to use their own devices on the business network. On the other, provisioning, securing and managing those devices is a nightmare for IT. Solutions such as Aruba’s ClearPass portfolio offload the work from IT, while the business gets to reap the benefits of BYOD."

Previously available solutions require IT departments to rip out much of their existing infrastructure and replace it with an expensive and confusing array of devices. When factoring in the cost of the infrastructure upgrades, Aruba’s ClearPass can save customers up to 76 percent over "forklift" options that lack the full range of capabilities required to deliver comprehensive mobility services management.

Adding to the complexity, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, while focusing on the device management, do not typically address the need to provision and control network access for the device, forcing yet another solution for network access controls. Aruba’s ClearPass portfolio integrates network access controls with automated device provisioning and can be deployed on any existing network – wired, wireless or VPN – as a non-disruptive overlay. Aruba ClearPass also automates burdensome policy management and device health checks, enabling IT to onboard and control mobile devices at lower cost and with less complexity while improving network security.

BYOD has become a trend across industries in many European countries and US. For example, Maimonides Medical Center, the preeminent treatment facility and academic medical center in Brooklyn, NY, has deployed an access network based on the Aruba Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture, with hospital-wide wireless coverage provided by more than 300 Aruba access points. Maimonides also uses Aruba ClearPass for guest access, and its IT leaders are very enthusiastic about the portfolio and its ability to enable no-touch mobile device provisioning, security and management. 

"The number and types of personal mobile devices that people bring to work has skyrocketed in the past year," said Gabriel Sandu, senior director of technical services for Maimonides. "We want to let them access the network for business purposes, but the options most vendors gave us for doing this in a secure manner were both expensive and cumbersome. Several vendors proposed end-to-end proprietary solutions that gave us some of the functionality we needed, but locked us into their solution set after requiring us to upgrade. The Aruba MOVE architecture with ClearPass gives us the capabilities we need with the best-of-breed, multivendor network we have now, and gives us flexibility for the future."

Aruba ClearPass is the only solution that integrates all the necessary components for an efficient BYOD workflow, offering a single management platform for all devices, plus the option to license these additional capabilities on the same platform:

  • Automated device provisioning: Automatically set VPN, email and network security settings, push enterprise applications and optionally revoke device access privileges
  • Self-service mobile device network configuration: Enable Cloud-based self-configuration of a device’s 802.1X network security settings
  • Device profiling: Accurately identify devices to determine security requirements and enforce policies based on device type and ownership
  • Device risk management: Assess the risk that mobile devices pose to the network, restrict access based on risk level, and remediate compromised devices.
  • Guest access: Enable secure guest management with fully automated registration workflows, detailed reporting and targeted advertising

"The introduction of the Aruba ClearPass access management system addresses a number of very acute pain points in the industry today, all stemming from the deluge of personal mobile devices being brought into previously tightly-controlled workplaces,” said Gary Jackson, Vice President Asia Pacific Japan for Aruba. “Unlike other solutions available today, it does so for both mobile devices and PC operating systems across wired and wireless networks, regardless of the variety of vendors involved."