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Grey and G2 unveil 2010 Eye on Asia findings

Leading global marketing communications agencies Grey and G2 have announced the release of their 2010 Eye on Asia – Retail study, providing insights into shopping mindsets across the Asia-Pacific region and their implications to marketers.

The retail findings are based on real-time conversations with over 2,100 shoppers from eight countries, namely Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. The analysis is drawn from shopping experiences in hypermarkets/supermarkets, pharmacies/drugstores and provision shops/mom & pop stores with a focus on categories encompassing over-the-counter (OTC) supplements and treatments, health food and drinks, beauty and snacks.

Nirvik Singh, Grey Group Asia Pacific’s chairman & CEO, said, "The dynamics in the retail landscape are constantly evolving, and recognising this change is key for marketers to win at the first moment of truth in-store. It is no longer about converting desire into purchase but engaging the shopper through every step of the purchase-decision journey."

"Our Eye on Asia – Retail research serves as an invaluable tool to help marketers create distinct and effective shopper strategies that result in getting their brands into the shopping cart," added Singh.

Some of the key "eye-sights" captured along the purchase-decision journey include:

1.    Two-thirds of final purchase choices are made in-store.
2.    Asian shoppers take time to study products in-store.
3.    Advice is appreciated as long as the staff’s approach is non-intrusive.
4.    Almost half the promotions done in-store are wasted.
5.    Asian shoppers visit stores not just for products but also for the experience.

Designed to deepen marketers’ understanding of the attitudes and behaviour of Asian shoppers across channels, categories and countries in Asia-Pacific, the study also provides marketers with clues into building meaningful relationships with consumers, which will consequently determine the success of their brands and communications.

Now in its fifth year, Eye on Asia has to date interviewed over 35,100 people across the region. Highly regarded as an annual trends revealer, the proprietary study aims to get closer to the people of Asia, providing detailed insights on a variety of topics including attitudes towards work, family, finance, the environment, value systems, brands and marketing.

Grey and G2 will continue to track the latest shopper trends throughout the year and will unveil subsequent new findings each month.

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