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André opens first store in China


André is not neglecting its international works-in-progress. Now that the Vivarte Group has announced a new, five-year relaunch plan, involving new work on its high street retail brands’ positioning, among them André, the latter has announced it has finally brought to fruition its new Asian expansion plan.

The footwear manufacturer has in fact opened its first Greater China store in Macao, via a partnership deal.

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André has set up shop in a new shopping centre, “The Parisian Mall“, adjacent to a large hotel opened in September and exploiting a French theme.

A first opening in a 40 m² premises which, according to the retailer, will be “the first of a long series,” since André announced it plans no less than thirteen store openings in China in the autumn.

André currently operates about 200 retail outlets, among them a few corners, though the majority are André-branded stores.

Until now André’s main presence was in France, though in the last few years a dozen stores were opened throughout the Maghreb and notably the Middle East, as well as in Mauritius.

In this context, Greater China represents André’s main international growth vector, at a time when the Vivarte Group is expecting a performance improvement.

(Source: Fashion Network)