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Amé launches virtual and physical luxury shoe club in HK

Amé Groupe Limited launched a virtual and physical luxury shoe club in Hong Kong yesterday – the first of its kind in Asia.

Seeing a need in the region to design, create and manufacture high-end and personalised shoes for women, a group of industry-leading veteran shoe connoisseurs along with a renowned luxury shoe manufacturer founded Amé. The fashion retailer aims at creating a new virtual shopping experience for customers by offering personalized services with a team of celebrity fashion stylists collaborating to hand-pick premier shoes for customers according to their needs.

Amé’s shoes are made in its own production bases in Hong Kong and Italy. Customers are able to order shoes online through Amé’s digital platform, have them delivered at home or pick up the shoes at its concept store in Causeway Bay.

"Having been in the luxury shoe industry for most of my life, in the past few years, many women in Hong Kong have been aspiring for a pair of high-end shoes, personalised with their style and needs in mind. I was excited about trailing Amé’s new shopping formats and concepts to bring high-end shoes tailored to the unique needs and appetite of every woman in Hong Kong," said Flora Ho, Managing Director for Amé Groupe Limited.

"We want to connect the brand to its widest audience ever and drive true customer engagement. In a digitally-connected world, we need to speak in a language that our customers care about. Nowadays discerning customers are tech-savvy. They prize peer-to-peer recommendations through social media, and are more likely to appreciate the personalised stylist experience in a privileged club. The emergence of social media and prevalence of e-commerce has further accelerated this phenomenon that sets a perfect backdrop for Amé to launch in Asia, we are excited to create a totally new high-end shoe shopping experience for our customers, bringing physical and digital worlds together," she added.